Pop-Up Camper Hacks: Space Saving Camping Recommendations

What is a pop-up camper? A pop-up camper is also called an RV, or recreational vehicle. These are lightweight camping trailers that can be towed behind any car and come in all shapes and sizes.

They are perfect for the avid camper who wants to take their home with them when they go on a vacation.

When you're thinking of pop-up camping, you might have considered buying a brand new RV. The problem with buying a new RV is that it can be very expensive, and you might not have the money to purchase one.

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You also may not think there is enough room or storage and you may be wondering, "how do I get more storage in my pop-up camper?" We show you how to make one of these smaller campers work for you.

Luckily there are some used pop-up campers for sale for people who don't want to spend too much money on these camping trailers. Let’s learn more about how buying used campers and then modifying it can actually save you money.

Is Buying a Pop-Up Camper Worth It?

is buying a popup tent worth it

If you're not big on camping and only go on a camping trip every once in a while, buying a whole RV won't be much of a use. Pop-up campers are a much more affordable way to go camping because you can put it up and take it down as quickly, allowing you to save the hassle of packing your whole life into an RV.

Pop-up campers are inexpensive and are a wonderful alternative to the traditional RV. They're easier on gas, smaller in size, and, most importantly - much cheaper!

For people who love to camp and travel, buying a used pop-up camper  is a much better option.

Buying a Used Camper

buy a used camper

Pop-up campers are not cheap, so purchasing one for over $10,000 is not as wise as you might think. It may be better to buy a used one and customize it to meet your needs.

Establishing a Deadline

Establishing a deadline is an effective method of ensuring that you invest maximum effort and while doing the renovation.

Preparing a Plan

You should plan out what needs to be fixed, what will need to be removed, and what appliances are needed for your newly acquired camper before undertaking any changes. Obviously, if you are having trouble, you need to contact a specialist who has more experience in this area.

Change the Color

Why not paint your camper the color of your preference if you have already decided to renovate. Ensure that all kitchen cabinets and other wooden appliances have been sanded before you paint your camper. Apply at least one coat of primer before applying whatever color you desire.

Designing the Interior

With so many ways to remodel your interior and living space now, there is always something for everyone's budget. Depending on your tastes, the interior can have a woody, traditional look, or you may want to add some modern technology to it.

Remodeling an old camper will definitely cut your costs, and will give you the opportunity to change everything so it's just the way you like it.

How Long Do Pop-Up Campers Last?

Pop-up camper trailers can last anywhere from 10 to 15 years, depending on how well you take care of them. All pop-up camper trailers need some upkeep and routine maintenance like any other vehicle, but with proper care, a pop-up camper trailer can last for many years!

Pop-Up Camper Hacks to Try On Your Next Camping Trip

Camping hacks help you save time, money and storage when you are getting ready or at your favorite campsite. We have put together a few that you can use when trying to get the most out of your small camper.

Take Advantage of Camper Storage Containers

When you have a limited amount of space, using plastic storage containers will allow you to make the most of it.

You waste space in your pop-up camper by leaving clutter everywhere. After using items, putting them back into their designated containers allows you to free up more counter space, table space, and storage space.

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Remember you have to expose everything in your camper to nature while on a trip. Containers are also good for keeping things organized. As well as providing efficient storage, they also protect the camper items from microbes.

Make Sure You Bring a Lot of Suction Cup Hooks

In pop-up campers, clutter tends to accumulate pretty quickly. You have limited storage space, and you can only keep important items in limited spaces.

A suction cup hook is a perfect solution here! Using them is simple, quick, and reliable. They can hold anything from keys to clothes, including towels and handbags.

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You can easily stick them on any smooth surface without having to drill a hole. Having this option also allows you to maximize the value you get out of selling your popup camper.

They can also be attached to the exterior of the pop-up and to its doors. As a result, you can free up some space inside the camper by moving some space-guzzling stuff outdoors.

Add small metal and plastic containers to these containers to expand storage space. Even though they have so many benefits, it's hard to top the fact that they're extremely affordable and widely available.

Organize Clothing Items

It is always challenging to manage clothing items, like clothes and towels. Folding them will save you quite a bit of space. There are, however, some clothing items that can't be folded, like suits.

Towels can be rolled up to save space. Be sure you roll up as much as you can and you can also buy some portable hanging shelves for clothes to save some room.

Install Shelves and Tension Rods

camper shelves and tension rods

It makes sense that you would hunt for any unused space in your camper.

But even though it may appear more spacious when you leave the walls empty, adding shelves and rods will increase both space for storage and efficiency.

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The shelves do not have to be overly crowded, though. Install the one on the wall with the most unused space, and the same applies to rods as well.

You can double the amount of storage in your camper with a hanging closet with drawers.

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Organize Spices Easily With Cabinet Door Racks

It's fun to camp in a pop-up. A wonderful memory is created every time you embark on an adventure. A camper's experience is not complete without food.

To cook a tasty meal, you need the right spices and seasonings. These pantry items usually take up a lot of space in your camping kitchen.

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Storage space issues can arise from this, and while you may have space, containers can fall out of cars and break.

The spice rack is a quick and easy way to solve all of these problems!

By using these racks, you can access your spices easily, as well as keep them safe while traveling.

Easily Collapsible Dishware

Is there anything more convenient for a pop-up camper than an item that can be folded and stored when not in use?

The smallest detail can have a huge impact. However, many campers overlook the fact that unused plates take up a lot of space.

As well as saving a great deal of counter and drawer space, these items are microwave-safe and very easy to keep clean. A bump in the road does not break or crack them.

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Are You Ready For Your Next Camping Trip?

ready for your next camping trip

Level up your camping experience with these simple, no-brainer pop-up camping tips. Pop-up camper trailers are great for a group of family campers, perfect for the basic camping experience.

Remember to grab your camping essentials box, pop-up tent, bottles of water, kitchen items, pantry items, and aid items, and you'll be good to go. Camp in comfort with these camping tips in mind!

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