The Best Camping Gear

Although you could go on a camping trip with nothing but your wits, it just wouldn't be much fun unless you were participating in a survival contest.

We here at know that you need basic camping gear if you want to have a good time, and if you are like most people, you want to take along equipment that will give you many of the benefits of home.

What To Look For When Buying Camping Gear

Whenever you are purchasing camping gear, you want to be sure you get the best gear. But first you need to know what to look for when you are first setting out on your search.

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Reputable Brand Names 

You want to find brands known for producing reputable merchandise. Many brands continually produce excellent products. The way to determine the best brands in any industry is by looking at the marketplace and seeing which brands are the highest rated. 

Good Reviews

Look at the reviews for the best indicators of good products. Ideally, you want to find products that have the top reviews. You should always try to find products with a minimum of 4 out of 5 star ratings. 

This will help ensure that you only purchase great products that are highly accepted by consumers. You can find reviews and ratings from customers by checking out the online camping marketplaces such as Amazon or REI.

High Quality Materials

The products you purchase must be made of high-quality materials so they are more durable. You don't want to buy the same gear each year. The gear you purchase should last for years. It's going to have to be durable enough to withstand all of the 'adventure' you're going to throw at it.

Good Warranty 

The warranty is an important factor so that you can get the product fixed or replaced if it is defective.

Otherwise, you're just going to have to spend even more money to get it fixed or to replace it. A good warranty would be one for three years or more.

Consider these factors to help in your search for the best gear possible. Buy the products that have the features that you want and need. 

Look for products highly rated within the industry that are manufactured by the leading brands and that the products that have great warranties. By doing all of this, you should be able to find the best camping gear for all of your expeditions.

Best Camping Tents

There are so many different types and brands of outdoor camping tents that are available in the market these days that it can be hard to decide which one to get.

We'll show you what the most important criteria to consider is when purchasing a camping tent and a backpacking tent to help make your decision process easier and more informed.


When looking for the best backpacking tent, the most important criteria is weight. However, when camping normally, comfort is the number one criteria.

The most comfortable tents will have plenty of standing room where you don't have to bend and crouch all the time to get around. There should also be plenty of shading and screen windows, along with lots of ventilation.

Storm Resistance

When a storm takes you by surprise, you want to have a strong and durable tent that can handle inclement weather. Your tent should have a strong design and a roof pitch that can shed rain and snow.


If you want your tent to last for more than one camping season, then durability and workmanship are both very important factors to consider.

Check the quality of the material that the tent and tent fly are made out of, as well as the seams, zippers and poles.

Be willing to spend enough money to get a well-made tent that will last for several seasons AND one that keeps you safe, warm and comfortable.

Weight And Size

Weight is a more important criteria for backpacking than it is for camping. For mountaineering or backpacking expeditions, you want the lightest weight possible. However for regular camping, durability and comfort are more important than weight and pack size.

The overall size of tent that you need depends on the number of campers who will be using it. When in doubt, a larger tent is more comfortable and provides you with more head room and storage space.

Ease of Setup

Ideally, one or two people should be able to set up the tent without a lot of hassle. If it takes a lot of time and hassle to set up your tent, camping will stop being enjoyable very quickly, so make sure that it's relatively easy to set up.

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  • Stakes - Most tents do come with stakes, but you also need to look at their quality. You don't want stakes that are flimsy and bend easily. If the tent you buy doesn't have highly quality stakes, you might want to consider upgrading to steel tent stakes.
  • Reflective Guy Lines- guy lines help to secure your tent in windy conditions. Most tents do come with these, but reflective ones will help you get around in the dark. Also make sure the guy lines are strong.
  • Ground Cloths - these should be durable and light. Tyvek will certainly get the job done since it is fairly inexpensive and lightweight.

Choosing The Best Camping Stove

Certain camping sites will provide a cooking facility, however, camping stoves are necessary if there is no such facility. See what points must be taken into account when purchasing the right camping stove for your trip.

Size And Weight

The most convenient and efficient camping stoves are often lightweight and portable which allows for easy storage and easy transportation of the stove.

It is also recommended that you opt for stoves that are easily cleaned and with a strong aluminum base. While camping stoves are available in variety of materials, the aluminum option is the most effective and reliable.

Fuel Source

Stoves that operate using propane or white gas are best as the fuel is easily available and less costly than other materials.

Size Of The Camping Group

If you are heading off on your camping adventure alone, then a compact, single stove will be sufficient. However, if you are traveling in a large group it is best to purchase a double burner stove.

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What To Look For In A Sleeping Bag

You want a high-quality sleeping bag that doesn't break the bank.

Temperature Rating

If you plan on going winter camping a lot, be sure that you find a sleeping bag that has the correct temperature rating for the climate that you are camping in.


If you are backpacking your way to camp, you will want a sleeping bag that doesn't weigh too much. When using your car to get to your destination, the weight isn't important. 

The Right Shape

You'll want to choose the shape that feels most comfortable for you. If you like stretching out, a rectangular or even a double bag will be best for you. If you like a bag with a snug fit, a mummy or semi rectangular bag will suit you better.


The insulation might matter to you as well. You can find bags that are insulated with synthetic fill or get one with down fill. Each type of fill has its advantages and is a choice mostly based on personal preference.

Other Things To Consider

A few other things to consider is the outer fabric (shell), a hood, zipper features, and extra stash pockets.


Some accessories to consider are a stuff sack if you are trying to save on space when traveling, a storage sack for long-term storage and liners that go inside to keep the bag cleaner and provide extra warmth.

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As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases

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