Top Camping Tips – Exciting Ways to Experience Camping

Camping is a popular activity for people all around the world. It's also one of those things that, when you start to think about it, seems like something you may be hesitant to try yourself.

There are many reasons why camping can seem unappealing- bugs, dirt, and discomfort just to name a few! That doesn't have to be the case though, there are ways to make camping more comfortable without sacrificing any of its charms.

best camping tips
Camp Cooking

Make sure you bring enough food and supplies to last your whole trip. You don't want to run out of anything.

Start preparing meals ahead of time: As we mentioned before, camping can be a long process with cooking being no exception.

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The wilderness is not the place to be spending all of your time in the kitchen, so make sure you've got everything ready before going camping.

Preparing meals ahead of time will help save some valuable cooking time for when it's needed. Just remember to pack enough food and supplies for your trip!

Freeze Food And Beverages Before Storing Them In A Cooler

frozen foods for camping

To lengthen the useful life of your cooler, freeze as many items as possible before loading it, and if you are unable to freeze, at least have them chilled before you pack them. Keep in mind that a cooler box that is fuller will perform better at keeping its contents cool.

Keeping food cool on the camping trip is of utmost importance. You can do this by packing some ice in a cooler and then storing your perishable items like fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy products, and other foods inside the cooler before you leave for your camping adventure. 

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To keep your cooler box in good working order, make sure to clean it regularly.

Be sure to bring plastic containers, bags, and aluminum foil. When you cook from scratch, you'll have to bring fresh ingredients, some of which may not be used right away.

Invest in some plastic storage containers to store open packets and half-used ingredients. Also, make sure you bring extra bags for food and plastic bags for food storage.

Be Sure To Have Extra Fuel For Cooking

camping fuel

Make sure you have extra fuel when cooking on a camping stove. Be sure you bring plenty of extra fuel canisters. You may burn through more than you think, and campsites may not have a camp shop.

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A Water Carrier Is Essential


Water containers that collapse and dispense easily should be part of your essential camping gear. You can choose from hundreds of different designs, some simpler than others.

Invest in a flexible water carrier that folds flat for storage but stays rigid when used in order to dispense water.

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Also, make sure to pack plenty of water before going to a camping trip. Going for an entire trip, or even just a hike without a water bottle or a nearby water source can be dangerous.

Don’t Limit Yourself To Barbecues And Open Fires

campdotcom - campfire-camping

While camping trips are ideal for cooking and dining outside, the weather won't always cooperate with your plans. When you have only a barbecue or depend on a campfire, your plans are ruined if it rains.

If possible, bring along a portable gazebo that you can easily set up if it rains.  You might want to invest in a netted one if you have room when packing. This will allow you to eat without having bugs attack you. I have the one below and you can choose to set it up with or without the netting.

It's easy to set up and take down. We have one for the house too which we keep up all summer so it's quite durable. Just make sure you secure it properly.

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Don’t Forget To Invest In A High-Quality Sleeping Bag

The temperature at night can be significantly colder than you think when you're camping, so ensure you have a comfortable sleeping bag. Despite the summer heat, it can still get chilly at night, so a 3-season sleeping bag is recommended.

When you go camping, best be prepared for a cold night. You have to keep your body, even your feet warm to be comfortable. A common type of sleeping bag to use is one that can provide insulation, to keep heat inside the bag.

A 3-season sleeping bag can get you the warmth you'll need on cold nights and the comfort on warmer nights.

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There are many types of sleeping bags out there, but some popular ones include summer weight or a three-season bag. The bag you choose will depend on the type of camping that you're doing and your location.

For warmer climates, go with a lighter option so it'll be easier to sleep at night without feeling overheated in the bag.

For colder climates, a 4-season sleeping bag can provide more insulation and help retain heat. Other considerations when choosing the right sleeping bag are size and material--choose one that'll best suit your needs depending on how often you camp or where you camp out.

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Just keep in mind that heavier ones will make it tougher for you to pack up and get going in the morning.

Be Sure To Bring Extra Blankets

camping blankets near me

It's annoying to sleep in the cold at night, so bring extra blankets to have an extra layer of warmth with you.

Extra blankets can be tough to pack up and carry, so think about what you want when deciding which ones to bring. Some people like the extra weight of a throw blanket for around camp or on camping trips with kids. Others prefer an ultralight option that's more versatile in different locations.

Do Not Sleep Directly On The Ground

The ground is a great source of cold, so sleeping on it will make you feel colder than sleeping on something insulating.

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It is recommended to use a thick sleeping pad for insulation, as well as a camp bed that keeps you off the cold ground.

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Make Sure You Choose The Right Camping Spot

Almost all campsites already have predetermined pitches, thus offering little opportunity for customization, but some allow you to choose where you want to camp.

When choosing your location, choose a flat spot but be wary of things like toilets, roads, and playgrounds (these areas are more crowded, noisy, and less private). Also, pay attention to tree and wall coverage as well as fences and walls.

Make sure you're at an even distance away from fellow campers to keep their privacy. You also need to look for patches of dry grass, and not wet areas. You don't want to sleep above a muddy pitch, it'll make your pack-up a hassle.

Think About Comfort When Setting Up Your Tent

pitch your tent near me somerset pa 15501

The comfort of folding camp chairs will make the camping experience better, so consider including extra items on your packing list like tent carpets and picnic rugs.

You may also consider camping mattresses if you're going to be there for a few days.

Electronic heating pads are great for outdoor adventures, and they can double as extra padding on your bed at home for chilly winter nights.

Prepare The Pitch By Clearing The Ground

Be sure to check your pitch for obstructions, such as pebbles and large twigs, before erecting your tent. You may damage your groundsheet if you leave things like this around after the tent is set up, making it uncomfortable to walk on after the tent is set up.

Decide On A Campground Wisely

All campsites are unique, some of them are huge and sprawling, with activities such as discos, play areas for kids, cafes, shops, pools, and so on.

best campsite campdotcom

Others offer a more natural and back-to-basics camping experience, so choose your campsite wisely based on your camping preferences.

Beginner campers don't know that there's a camp bathroom on-site, in case you really have to go. Or you can opt for backcountry camping sites if you want to experience camping without the luxury.

So, choosing an appropriate campsite for you or even family campers is important.

Bring a First-Aid Kit

The outdoors is no joke, especially when you have a minor emergency on your hands. Open wounds can get an infection if it's not dealt with accordingly. Make sure to pack first-aid kits with bandages, band-aids, hydrogen peroxide, or some betadine.

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Packing biodegradable soap can also make a difference in disinfecting an open wound. In case you don't have any disinfectant available, just use a good soap and wash the wound with warm water.

Bring Floor Cushions

Floor cushions or simply regular cushions can be used to create a cozy chill-out area in your tent.

Be Prepared For Bad Weather

Although summer camping can be chilly, there is still the possibility of rain and chilly nights. You do not want to be stored inside a tiny tent on a wet day, so try to choose a tent large enough to include living quarters in case the weather turns bad.

prepare for weather-camping- campdotcom

You should also prepare for rainy weather with wet weather clothing as well as plenty of entertainment in the tent.

Before going camping, check the weather forecasts so you'll at least know what to expect of the weather. But, regardless of the forecast, campers need to be prepared for whatever comes their way.

You can bring a rain poncho in case it'll rain while you're on a hike trail. You may also bring other camping supplies that can help you preserve body heat in case of a cold and chilly night.

Whether it is a wet season or dry season, you'll never know what to expect while you're out in the wild.

Take A Charger For Your Essentials

Camping tends to be about escape, but having a fully charged cellphone is actually quite useful.

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While camping, it is important that you have a fully charged phone, which will aid in navigation as well as emergency contacts.

Your phone's battery will quickly drain if you use it for both music and photographs. Consider bringing a solar charger or power bank with you to keep your essentials charged.

Having a navigation and contact device can be a piece of vital camping equipment when things go out of hand.

Bring Garbage Bags

Regardless of where you camp, you need to ensure that your pitch is free of trash. When you pack your trash bins, make sure to separate your trash so that recyclables can be recovered.

Respect campsite rules and leave your pitch the way it was when you first came, free of trash. Bin bags can help you throw used food bags, or food scraps, and even a cigarette butt if you smoke.

Be mindful of your garbage when you camp out, it's never good to litter when you're surrounded by nature.

Use Collapsible Camping Supplies To Save Space

Foldable camping gear is an excellent option if you don't have much space. There are many items you can get to help you save space during transit, including stationary and washing-up bowls as well as storage baskets and cups that fold flat.

collapsible camping gear-campdotcom

Fill Your Sleeping Bag With Dry Clothes

It may be better to put on dry clothes instead of snuggling up with a bottle of warm water. Your sleeping bag's bottom will be dry as a bone and your feet will be toasty warm.

Silica Gel Packs Are Ideal For Cookware

Keep those silica gel packs in your cookware so that it does not rust. Rusty pans can give you the wrong impression for your other fellow campers.

Take A Trail Snack With You

Hide your favorite snack in the car and send it as a gift to yourself. Eat it after a camping trip gone successfully, and you'll see how much it can make a big difference.

Crumpled Clothes Can Be Used To Dry Your Shoes

Wet shoes are nothing to cry about. Dry out your boots overnight by stuffing your insoles with newspaper or a dry shirt.

Spices Should Be Sealed In Straws

Using a section of a drinking straw that's been flame-sealed makes a handy spice holder.

Bring Good Quality Coffee

Nothing beats a good cup of coffee after a long day on a hike trail. You can take a coffee pot with you, and we guarantee that one cup of joe will make your day better.

Use These Camping Tips For Your Next Adventure

Your next camping trip is going to be awesome! The best part of camping is being in nature and having time with friends or family members while enjoying all the outdoors has to offer. With these tips, you will have an enjoyable camping experience that we suspect you can't wait for!

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