California Camping Is The Best Camping

One of the most popular past times in the United States today is camping. It's estimated that hundreds of thousands of people every year go to some camping ground or national park in order to commune with nature and enjoy the wonders of the great outdoors.

 North California camping

It's no wonder camping is so well loved in the United States! There are so many different national parks out there when looking for places to camp that it's simply breath taking. The different natural and geological sites you can visit could make your head spin!

But most people agree that there's no camping that's better than California camping. This is because California boasts some of the most impressive national parks in the entire country.

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Certainly, other states have beautiful national parks, there's no question about that. But their parks simply don't compare to the national parks that you can find in the great state of California.

Yosemite National Park

One of the best parks to camp in if you're ever in the great state of California is Yosemite national park.

It's one of the more popular camping locations in the country, which means that they have a number of amenities for people who are wanting to spend their time there.

They have tent and RV space, of course, which means they also have outlets and electricity in order to plug your RV into.

This will help you keep everything running smoothly, and help you have some of the comforts of home even though you're out in the wilderness.

They also have a number of yurts available! Yurts are a type of small cabin that can comfortably fit eight people.

With the rental of a yurt, you don't even have to sleep out under the open sky! You can have a roof over your head and still enjoy all the wonders of nature every day when you wake up and step outside.

Of course, some people prefer a more wild and free type of camping trip. It's all well and good to have a camping trip where you have all the amenities of home, but that's hardly camping to some people.

For some people, camping involves roughing it, nothing but man against nature, trying to survive and make due with the bounties of mother Earth.

But Yosemite national park can offer that, as well. There are a number of areas that are specifically set aside for people who would prefer to rough it and sleep under the stars.

But Yosemite national park isn't the only national park that has wonderful camping. There are a number of others!

El Dorado National Forest

Another incredibly popular national park is El Dorado National Forest. While Yosemite is known for it's waterfalls and mountainous areas, El Dorado is known for it's forested area.

For people who greatly prefer to sleep out under the trees, and enjoy the wonder of the woods, El Dorado is exactly where you'd want to go.

Being a national park, they also have a number of amenities for different camping experiences.

They have a number of different RV outlets, as well as tent grounds. They don't have any yurts, but that's because they're for a different caliber of camper.

As you can see, California camping has a huge number of different experiences for anyone who wants to go camping.

There simply isn't any kind of camping that's better than California camping, no matter which way you try to slice it. And it's not like the two national parks mentioned here are the only parks available.

There are so many different parks out in California, it's downright amazing. Do a little research, and find out what park fits your desires best!


California Camping

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