Cape Cod Camping – A Favorite Summer Destination

As a campers destination, Cape Cod has done exceptionally well to ensure that a majority of the camper accommodation needs are met.

There is a variety of accommodation facilities that are pocket-friendly while at the same time maintaining high accommodation standards.

Cape Cod

Typically, campers can choose their accommodation in the form of camping tents as well as hiring recreational vehicles.

A variety of campsites also exist, each offering its own unique feature that makes camping there extra special so it's important to know where to camp.

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Bourne Scenic Park

Located along the banks of the canal, this campsite offers one of the most beautiful scenarios in the upper region. Popular activities include picnicking, swimming, leisure sports and live entertainment.

Lawrence Pond Village

At Lawrence Pond Village, you have a choice of season long camping at their campsite rentals or weekly cabin rentals.

Other upper region campsites include Bay View Campground, Dunroamin’ Trailer Park, John’s Pond Campground, Sippewissett Campground, and the Cape Code Resort.

Bass River Trailer Park

Bass River Trailer Park is within walking and cycling distance from the beach fronts on the peninsula as well as family friendly activities. It is a favorite among campers.

Other campsites that are found in lower Cape include Campers Haven, Shady Knoll and Old Chatham RV Resort.

Water Related Recreational Activities 

As you would imagine, a large proportion of Cape Cod is prime for water related activities and sports.

Sport-fishing, beach walking, swimming, skiing, yachting, speed boat riding are some of the most popular activities that campers engage in while on an extended stay in Cape Cod.

Other Attractions For Campers 

The geography of the area makes it one unique landform to explore. Peninsulas are unique landform feature and albeit they are not entirely rare, they are not as common as many other ocean front features. 

While campers are not actually camping, there are a myriad of attractions in Cape Cod to keep them busy and engage the entire length of their stay. You can never run out of fun and exhilarating things to do, albeit depending on the level of adventure you seek.

Campers can take advantage of their stay in Cape Cod to enjoy the majestic and picturesque scene that come with peninsula land forms.


Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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