Camp Cooking – How To Ensure You Get It Right

Camp cooking is great outdoor fun. The fresh air and expansive outdoors presents a good opportunity to get creative when cooking.

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 On the other hand, things can very easily go bad, and one finds himself disliking what is on the menu.

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People will always ensure they pack all the essentials they need for camping. The cooking gear will be in place, and the food for camping will also be factored in the list of things to carry.

However, things in the outdoors are always prone to change, thus the unexpected and very well complete things, especially in the cooking department.

Nevertheless, people still need to eat and having a level head during any situation is key to making a good meal when out camping. Here are a few points to ensure that you never get it wrong when cooking in the great outdoors.

Always Plan Ahead

They say cooking is an art, and creativity is an asset to any good cook. Yes, you have the cooking tools, and you have a laid out meal plan.

However, flexibility will be of the essence since things can take an unexpected turn. Such emergencies might make you deviate from the set plan. Thus, you should be able to respond to the situation.

Have a Fire Back Up Option

We all know that camping will not be complete without a campfire. The night falls, and everyone wants to get warm and they sit and talk about the fire.

Camp cooking can be done on the same campfire, and people sit and talk. If you plan to use the camp fire for cooking then you should get the fire going an hour or so early.

However, if cooking on the campfire is not your thing, then you need to consider a fire backup option.

Such a consideration should always be there because the weather might but be rainy and wet and thus ruling out the use of a campfire. A camp stove will come in handy during such situations.

Think Outdoors, Think Simple

Nature offers a vast menu for those who know their cooking. Are you out hunting? Then some roast boar, deer, or rabbit with some veggie salad will be one simple meal that everyone will enjoy.

Are you fishing during the camp? Then some fish fry will be a welcomed delicacy. The goal is not to over-burden yourself with meals that are too complex.

Keep things simple, and you will not have the need to rush to the nearest local food store for supplies.

Know When to Make Meals

Preparing dinner should be done when everyone is gathered around the camp fire. The fire is always a nice way to get warm when camping.

Cooking as people sit around the fire is a great way of engaging everyone in something fun. Everyone can even take part in the cooking.

However, this is not to say that you will cook on the camp fire directly. Wait for the flames to die down, and then pull out few hot coals, and set up a smaller fire nearby.

The big campfire will be the light you need to see your cooking. The cold morning should be ushered in with a hot breakfast, not a bowl of cornflakes and cold milk.

Carry Portable Snacks and Foods That Need To Be Cooked

Cooking when camping will never miss, but most campers prefer doing less of it opting to eat snacks instead. It suffices to say that people do not go out for camping to struggle with cooking.

But then again, some of the foods, even those caught while out in the wild will need to be prepared over a fire. As such, camp cooking will favor in both food types.

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