Checklist For A Last Minute Camping Trip

Did you decide to go on a camping trip on a whim? Are you planning to invite your family or friends on this last minute camping trip or are you simply planning to do it alone?

Do you love camping but always hate the time it takes to prepare yourself completely? The idea of going on a camping trip is always fun and exciting but if you are not fully prepared for a night or two in the woods, you might be in for a surprise. Here are a few pointers to help you figure out what to take camping when you decide to go the last minute.

No matter how unprepared you might be, never forget to check the weather. Nothing is worse than bad weather on a camping trip. A sudden gush of wind, unexpected rain or snow falling on your camping trip will turn the tables so fast you might not have enough time to get back to safety.

Remember, it’s not always sunny days and starry nights on these camping trips. Therefore, if you are willing to risk your chance with partly cloudy skies, you need to pack accordingly for the weather ahead.

The next item on your checklist should be the camping gear you bring along. There isn’t much distinction in the type of gear you bring for different weather conditions. Also, whether you are staying for a few days or just one night, your gear remains the same. Here are some of the things you should have packed with your camping gear.

•Sleeping Bags
•Flashlights with extra batteries
•Insect repellant
•Cooking utensils (plates, cups, spoons or forks)
•Stove and extra fuel
•First aid kit

Don’t forget about food and water for your trip. There are many people who tend to pack extra and unnecessary food in their camping trips in the fear that being away from their precious fridge will lead to starvation.

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The food and water you bring along should be easy to pack, easy to prepare and also easy to clean up. There are numerous camping stores that provide dehydrated and precooked meals, ideal for all campers.

Other ideal foods for camping include oatmeal, jerky, energy bars, hot chocolate, dehydrated fruits etc.

As for the water, you need to bring as many gallons as possible. If you are an all-natural camper, you can choose to a campground near a clean stream of water but remember to bring along a water purification kit.

One of the most convenient and easiest water purifier and filter bottle that I've used for both hiking and wilderness camping is the GRAYL UltraPress Bottle.

This handy little device removes 99.9% of viruses, 99.9999% of bacteria, and 99.9% of protozoan cysts from water, making it safe to drink no matter where you are. And it's not just for emergencies -it's also great for hiking, camping, and whenever you want to enjoy some fresh, clean water without all the hassle. Best of all, it's easy to use - just fill it up, press the button, and drink!

You can get them in different sizes as well. 

There are lots of uses for water during any camping trip. First, it will keep you properly hydrated throughout the duration of your trip. Also, it can be used for cooking and preparing your meals.

Lastly, you can use the water to clean your utensils and keep them clean to avoid mold which can lead to diseases.

The camping clothes you need to bring along should be heavy and warm. Regardless of what the weather reports say, everything might change in a minute, leaving your cold and freezing. Therefore, pack warm clothes for your last minute camping trip and keep yourself completely protected from the weather elements.

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Susan  -  I love camping and everything that goes along with it. I live in a part of the states that has four seasons so I mostly just go during the summer. I find the best camping hacks and the best camping equipment, so you don't have to.

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