How Do You Build Shelves on a Pop-Up Camper?

If you want to add additional storage to your pop-up camper, you will want to learn how to build shelves. You can learn how to mount shelves with a few simple steps. 

If you've ever been inside a pop-up camper, you know that storage space is often at a premium. One way to create additional storage space is to build shelves.

Pop-up campers usually have some sort of framework already in place that can be used to support shelves.

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For example, the bed platform can be used to support shelves that extend over the bed.

Alternatively, shelves can be built along the sides of the camper, taking advantage of the vertical space.

When building shelves, it is important to use sturdy materials that will support the weight of your belongings. Plywood or particle board are good choices for shelf material.

It is also important to use screws or nails to secure the shelves to the supporting framework.

With a little bit of planning and effort, you can add valuable storage space to your pop-up camper.

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  • Measure the space you have inside your camper for shelves.
  • Purchase or build shelves that fit the dimensions you measured.
  • Drill holes in the shelves and attach them to the wall of your camper with screws or nails.
  • Add a finishing touch by painting or staining the shelves to match the rest of your camper.

Another great way to maximize storage space is to add a hanging closet. It will double the storage space of your camper and keep all your supplies safe.

You can also hang baskets and wire baskets to save space. Alternatively, you can hang them under your cabinets and shelves.

How Do You Build Storage on a Pop-Up Camper?

There are many ways to improve the storage space inside a pop-up camper. One simple way is to add suction cup hooks. These are inexpensive and can provide valuable hanging storage for things like towels, keys, and clothes.

Suction cup hooks are easy to install, and they can be attached to a smooth surface without leaving any holes. Adding these hooks can make your pop-up camper more valuable and keep it in good condition for later.

Another great way to make the space more usable is to organize your stored items. If you have a pop-up camper, keeping everything organized is essential.

Adding storage containers can help you maximize the space and save a lot of space. First, measure your space to determine how many storage spaces you'll need.

How Do You Make a Camper Shelf?

Before constructing the shelf, you must first determine its location for it. It is important to note that building a shelf inside the camper requires a certain amount of labor and a heavy-duty truck.

Also, you should use a design guide that outlines the steps you should follow.

One way to build a shelf inside a camper is by adding a bed. The camper's interior is small and usually has little headroom, so you may want to consider purchasing a custom-sized mattress.

For more storage, build a shelf with side rails that are 8 inches wide and secured with camper shell bolts.

If you're planning to sleep on the front shelf, hang it from the side rails and you'll have enough space to place four 4-inch mattress pads under the shelf.

How Do You Mount a Camper Shelf?

You can mount a camper shelf over your bed with the help of mounting blocks. These blocks can be made of sheet metal screws and washers.

To ensure proper support, you can use screws that can be screwed into the frame of the bed. Screws for the shelf should be positioned at the corners of the bed, and you should use three screws per corner.

First, you should measure the space. Measure the distance from the bed to the wall or the over-the-bed bunk. This will ensure that the shelf won't interfere with your bed's height.

Once you have the measurements, use masking tape to mark the area where the shelf should be installed.

Can You Store Things in a Pop-Up Camper?

When it comes to storing things in a pop-up camper, the space is limited. 

You can also install a portable toilet in a pop-up camper. However, it is important to remember to drain residual water.

This water can cause a lot of damage to your pipes, especially if you leave them unattended for extended periods. In addition, it can attract rodents and worms. Besides, water from your portable toilet can freeze and become stagnant, which can lead to the growth of mold and fungus.

Also, you must ensure that you do not leave any empty drink cans in the camper. Lastly, water can also corrode the canvas of your pop-up camper.

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