December 21

What is The Perfect Kit for Camp Cooking?


by Susan

December 21, 2021

With our favorite outdoor kitchen gadgets, you can transform your grub into camping cuisine.

Since humans discovered the transformative power of an open flame on basic consumables, we've gathered to celebrate the planet's abundance. The diversity of our ecosystems and peoples has resulted in a rich tapestry of cuisines and tastes—all of which are welcome at a campfire.

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True, an active day in the outdoors can make even the most basic fare taste good, but with the kind of outdoor kitchen equipment and camp cooking kits accessible today, gourmet culture is alive and well in the wilderness. Brands have been hard at work recently developing unique gadgets and appliances for our cookouts. While culinary gadgetry alone will not make you a great chef, great cooks (and great cooks-to-be) all have one thing in common: they take great delight in their tools.

Any of the cooking tools listed below would make excellent additions to your camp kitchen.

what is the perfect kit for camp cooking

Eureka - Ignite Plus (2-Burner) Camp Stove

In this day and age of hyper-innovation, it's notable when a traditional form factor holds up. The 2-burner camp stove is one such beast, thanks to its clever combination of compactness and functionality. Eureka did not redesign that icon, but the brand improved on its core components.

The Mediterranean blue color of Eureka's Ignite Plus stove is the first indication that it is more advanced, but performance aficionados will be drawn to the twin 10,000-BTU burners. 

The burner also has precise flame control, allowing you to simmer, brown, sauté, or achieve a full-throated, roaring boil as needed. Wind shields on the sides are large enough to keep the flame from being buffeted.

The stove's surface area is particularly generous, allowing you to comfortably fit a 12-inch frypan next to a 12-inch pot. For added convenience, it incorporates a push-button ignition. 

Kovea - Mini Camping Stove

Overlanding in a larger rig is becoming more fashionable, but tiny-car camping is still alive and well. And we have just the stove for you: the subcompact Kovea Mini Camping Stove. With a 12-by-10-inch footprint, it fits into the nooks and crannies of your automobile and frees up space on your camp table.

It's also a modularity masterwork. The Mini Stove comes with a carrying case and a protective case. Inside the body of the stove is a ceramic nonstick cooking vessel.

When you take the squarish pot out, its four legs neatly plug into the corners of the stove to secure the system. The pot lid (which also fits inside the body of the stove) functions as a four-compartment dish. Alternatively, you can use your own pots and pans and lay the supplied grate on the cooktop. 

OXO Outdoor - Cooking Equipment

OXO is a well-known household brand that is now venturing into the great outdoors, a long overdue appearance. The company also recently joined 1% for the Planet, which means it donates 1% of its annual income to environmental causes.

Camp chefs may now benefit from OXO's attention to functional features as well as ergonomics—its signature hefty handles make its equipment a joy to heft. Five of our new favorites are highlighted below.

OXO Outdoor Campgrounds - Coffee French Press

This 8-cup press from OXO can swiftly brew a carafe of smooth-tasting coffee, but it also has some environmental credentials. It's made of 50% recycled materials, notably Tritan TM Renew, which is derived from recycled plastic bottles that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

The BPA free carafe is shatterproof, and the stainless-steel filter includes a silicone border to keep coffee and grounds separate. The non-slip surfaces on the top knob and pour handle make handling a breeze. 

OXO Outdoor - Chef's Knife with Sheath

Slicing, dicing, and chopping are the most visible of all chef activities, hence the chef's knife is the necessary chef's equipment. Anyone serious about the craft takes their own knife handle, another knife's handle never feels quite right.

If you haven't chosen your Excalibur yet, the silky texture on the nonslip handle of the OXO Outdoor 8′′ Chef's Knife, which nestles perfectly into your hand, may entice you. Because the stainless-steel blade can be honed to a razor's edge, a protective sheath is included to keep you safe from each other. It's also worth noting that the price is reasonable. 

OXO Outdoor Campsite - Squeeze Bottle Set

OXO found a way to make an otherwise practical culinary item more attractive with its Campsite Squeeze Bottle Set. This set of two tiny, shatter-resistant squeeze bottles is ideal for transporting your favorite culinary basics into the wilderness.

The set comes with a 12-ounce and a 16-ounce bottle, but OXO's innovation is the two interchangeable spouts—one thick for condiments like ketchup and one thin for free-flowing liquids like olive oil. With one thumb, each ergonomically angled spout cap may be flicked open (and snapped shut). 

OXO - Good Grips Dish Squeegee

Take a look at this clever little scraper from OXO. Unlike sponges, which are too soft to remove stubborn food particles, and brushes, which inevitably rip and get nasty, this flexible silicone blade simply clears the surface of cookware and plates with no trouble.

Following that, cleanup is quick and simple. The Pots + Pans Scraper's blade also works well as a squeegee on washed and rinsed surfaces, speeding up drying time. 

OXO - Outdoor Cast Iron & Grill Pan Brush

Scrubbing down their cherished cast-iron cookware while keeping the "seasoning," a meticulously managed (and molecularly bound) coating of oils, is a delicate undertaking for outdoor chefs who bring their treasured cast-iron cookware to the campground.

The trick to cleaning cast iron is to stay away from soap (which can degrade the seasoning). Instead, use this specially designed OXO brush to fight unclean frypans and griddles.

The Cast Iron & Grill Pan Brush contains a plastic scraper tip to get things started, as well as firm bristles distributed at various angles to reach nooks and crevices. As an added bonus, the bristles are mild enough to be used on nonstick cookware. 

Camping Stasher Bag

Sustainably storing and preserving goods or leftovers is difficult at home, but it feels even more pressing outside. Stasher food-grade silicone bags are both an alternative and a significant advance to soul-sucking plastic bags.

They're not only reusable, but also freezer- and dishwasher-safe, and they're great for "sous vide" (sue-veed), a specialist cooking technique that involves submerging a bag in temperature-controlled water. Stasher bags come in a variety of sizes, ranging from snack bags to near gallons. 


If you love camping and cooking, then this list might be helpful for you. Find your perfect cooking kit to cook the best camping meals and snacks. Camping trips are nothing without the best-tasting meals you can ever prepare.

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