Why Should You Carry A Pocket Knife When Camping?

There are many reasons to carry a pocket knife daily besides fishing and hunting. It is comparable to other camping accessories, such as scissors, that campers would undoubtedly employ on a daily basis. Here are some of our favorite uses for pocket knives. This is not an exhaustive list, but rather a starting point for considering how regularly carrying a knife could simplify your life.

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First and foremost, a pocket knife is not intended to be a weapon. I'm aware that you're probably scoffing, but this is an important topic.

The purpose of a pocket knife is not to defend against an attack by a wild squirrel, but rather to perform common tasks. Now that that is out of the way, let's discuss why it's so great. Here is a list of camping pocket knife uses for a simple pocket knife:

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1. Cutting Small Straws for Children

Long straws have caused more drink spillage than we can count in restaurants. Restaurants frequently give children's beverages in smaller glasses, leaving an extra-long straw that makes a drink catapult. Simply measure the required straw length visually, bend the straw at the cut point, and slice – leaving the ideal drinking length.

2. Removing Outdated Batteries from Flashlights and Other Electronics

The majority of batteries can be easily removed from devices, but occasionally they fit too snugly or, worse, corrode within the device.

For instance, when camping and it is already nighttime. You will require a flashlight to see in the dark. If the batteries are dead and you're having trouble removing the device, having a pocket knife that can pry into tight spaces saves you from the frustration of basic action. This can help you quickly turn on the flashlight.

3. Setting Up Fishing Lines

A fun way to spend an afternoon is to take the kids out to the beach and make a few casts. A simple task like connecting a new hook to their line needs some pruning. A pocket knife makes quick work of this process, allowing you to get the line in the water faster and more easily.

4. Thinning Down Marshmallow Sticks

Few things in life are as satisfying as a nicely cooked marshmallow.

The perfect roasting stick is essential to its success. Go from zero to hero with a pocket knife – and shape the exact point to skewer that mallow into submission. You'll be the talk of the campfire with just a few rapid strokes.

5. Cutting Zip Ties

Zip ties are everywhere! Maybe it's inside a package, maybe it's holding that extension wire together - but zip ties are everywhere! Slide the tip of your pocket knife beneath the zip tie – and with a fast turn, pop that bad boy free without causing any damage to the attachment!

6. Untying a Knot

While tying a knot is one of humanity's greatest achievements, untying one may frequently leave us feeling as if we're still living in the Middle Ages. Gently loosen the knot with the point of your knife until there is enough slack to untie it with your fingertips. If everything else fails, cut the knot and start over.


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