January 17

Why A Camping Checklist Should Be Used For Every Trip


by Susan

January 17, 2021

Proper planning is essential to most everything. Camping is no exception so be sure to create a camping checklist, even if you've been camping many times before. 

You can be certain that you've not overlooked anything you need while adventuring in the great outdoors. 

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The peace of mind is worth the time it takes to make the list and then check through it while getting ready.

What you will have on your list will depend on several factors, but mostly on where you plan on setting up camp. 

If you are going to be staying in an RV, you may not need as much as when you are tent camping, however, many of the items will belong on both lists.

You need to make sure that you have enough food to get your through the planned days and then a little extra. 

Even if you are planning to fish or forage for food while camping, you need  to bring food for everyone in case the fish aren't biting or you can't find any berries or game.

Concentrate on foods dense in calories to minimize the amount of weight you will be carrying.

Make sure you have enough water for everyone in your party. If there are children or elderly members who will be going along, even mild dehydration can create a medical emergency. Plan for a bit extra in case your plans extend for a couple of extra days.

Check with everyone who is going to see if any medications need to be packed, as well. It is not uncommon for people to get caught up in the excitement of going camping and forget their medications.

If anyone has allergies, it is vital that an Epi-pen or other allergy medication is included on the list.

You will need some type of shelter, along with sleeping bags and warm clothes. Even during the summer months, many places get chilly at night. 

You need to the right tools for cooking and eating. One set of utensils for each member of your party should suffice, as these need to be washed after each meal anyway. 

Pack camping cookware designed for cooking over a campfire if you aren't in an RV. Bring along dish soap and a cleaning rag so you can clean up as soon as the meal is completed.

Going camping is more fun if you have all of your supplies in order. Each time you go, it is important that you make a new checklist and review it while packing.

The same list can also be used when leaving the campsite so you don't leave anything behind that could be costly or could possibly harm the campgrounds.

About the author 

Susan  -  I love camping and everything that goes along with it. I live in a part of the states that has four seasons so I mostly just go during the summer. I find the best camping hacks and the best camping equipment, so you don't have to.

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