What Kind Of Gear Do You Need For Winter Grilling?

There is no limit to the passion for outdoor cooking. Not even those set by thermometers, barometers, or anemometers. While winter grilling is an outdoor chef's right to go, it is much easier to get the job done when you have the right equipment.

These basic items will help you make your winter grilling experience as good or better than your summertime endeavors.

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what are the benefits of using a grill insulation blanket

More Things To Know About What Kind of Gear Do You Need for Winter Grilling

what kind of gear do you need for winter grilling

It's all about keeping the heat at a constant temperature when grilling in colder temperatures. This grill style with sealable dampers is the best. You can control the heat with top and bottom dampers.

This grill is ideal for tailgating, with 153 square inches of cooking surface on cast iron grates. This grill can be used with lump charcoal to provide enough firepower for winter grilling.

Neck Utility Lighter - Zippo Flex

It is important to have a reliable way to start the fire, especially when it is freezing cold outside. Even if it means reaching through a hole or around corners on an old propane grill, the Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter can do the job. It's reliable.

Meat Thermometer - ThermoPro (Wireless Remote)

You can keep the meat warm by closing the lid of the grill, but it is still important to inspect the doneness. This is the purpose of a wireless remote-reading meat thermometer.

Attach the probe to the meat. Turn it on, and then put the receiver unit in your pocket. Make sure the alarm is set to the correct temperature. You can then retreat to the warmth in the camper or house if necessary.

Insulated Thermal Blanket for Grills/Smoker

Insulate your BBQ grill rig if you want to be serious about winter smoking and barbecuing. Insulate the BBQ rig to prevent it from going low and slow. This is the Traeger Lil Tex pellet smoking setup. However, you may be able to adapt it to fit your rig.

Leather Grill Gloves - SpitJack

Gloves like these are great for winter grilling. They keep you warm in cold weather and keep your hands cool while you grab the hot stuff. This glove has a lot more dexterity than any other mitt. These can be used for outdoor cooking in winter and summer.

Charcoal Starter - Chimney of Insanity

You need the charcoal starting performance that is insane in cold and wind - hence the name! This is the fastest way to get light charcoal, briquettes, and lump.

You don't have to wait 20 minutes for gray coals. The Chimney of Insanity will give you the instructions and your charcoal is ready for cooking in three minutes.

Survival Coat - Mustang Survival Catalyst Flotation Coat

These Mustang Survival Coats offer some of the warmest and protective clothing available. It may be comfortable enough to wear while grilling in Nome, Alaska on Valentine's Day. 

If you love grilling, it won't matter the time of year. If you don't mind the cold, get a hold of these items to make it easier during the cold, winter months.


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