What To Bring With You When Backpacking

backpackGoing backpacking is usually a very fun experience. However, forgetting even one or two necessities could turn an otherwise fun time into a bad one. Here, you will be given some ideas of what to bring with you when you go backpacking, and what to add to your backpacking checklist.

First, we will begin with footwear. Obviously, a pair of stilettos or sandals are not too wise for a backpacking trip; think sensibly. A good, sturdy pair of boots is a must. Be sure they have good traction on the bottom for the hike you will be taking. Also, bring extra laces for your boots, just in case your laces become destroyed. Thick socks are also important, as nights can become cold and debris could find their way into your boots.

In addition to footwear, clothing is another thing you need to think about when packing for a backpacking adventure. You need to pack with the mindset that you will be outdoors the whole time. Therefore, just packing a t-shirt and jeans is not going to work. Warm undergarments will be of great help at nighttime, in addition to fleece tops and pants. A poncho or other kind of rain gear will protect you from rainy conditions, a wide-brimmed sun hat is good for sunny days, and a stocking cap and fleece gloves are good for cold climates. If you are unsure of how to pack, check the weather forecast of your destination. Remember, places higher in elevation tend to be colder!

Next, we will discuss the camping gear you ought to have for your backpacking trip. When it becomes dark, it is typically time to set up camp for the night. But, this does not mean you only need a tent. You should also have a ground cloth, your sleeping bag, a blanket to cover yourself with, a rain fly and compression pack. Also, you need to think about eating; do not forget to bring a stove, fuel, cook set, drinking cup and bags to throw away your trash. Of course, tons of water is necessary for backpacking trips.

When people go on backpacking trips, they tend not to think about personal hygiene. Unless you want to be stinky, these are things you should not ignore. Some ideas include deodorant, soap, lip balm, toothpaste and toothbrush and hair brush. And, unless you are okay with using leaves when reliving yourself, do not forget toilet paper.

Most places in which you backpack do not have very good cell phone reception. This is why you should pay attention to what people used to do before technology became so advanced; a map, a compass, a first aid kit, and a fire starter kit are all a must.

Now that you have read the above article, you see that some things are necessary for backpacking trips. Without the items listed above, what should be a wonderful trip could turn into your worst nightmare. Avoid this fate and be prepared by packing the things listed above.