Ways to Make Keep Your Camping Adventure From Becoming A Disaster

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably had those moments when you want to go camping. Everyone wants to go camping at least once in their lives, however, not all of us are expert campers and we all make mistakes when we’re at the camping grounds. In this article, however, we’re going to talk about some things you should or shouldn’t be doing while you’re out camping.
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1. Trying out camping gear before the actual date

Don’t wait until you’re at the campground before you try out your equipment. Try to work out the kinks at home rather than waste your precious time figuring out how to make your tent come alive. You might want to practice in your backyard because as with anything else, practice makes perfect. Other equipment you should check out before your camping date includes lanterns, camp stoves and your sleeping bag.

2. Getting a tent that won’t cramp your style

When it comes to buying a tent, buy something that is two persons more than the actual number of campers. For example, if two people are going buy a tent for four people. If four people are going, buy a six-person tent and so on.

3. Write a checklist

Don’t forget to write a checklist a few days before camping. Writing a checklist does two things: It tells you what you need for camping and it helps you to not forget your needs. Forgetting something while you’re out camping is like pouring water on your camping fire. Thus said, stay organized and be on top of things. Check your checklist as you’re packing and tick off each item.

4. Know campground rules

All campgrounds have their own set of rules in exchange for you enjoying their facilities. Check the campground’s website to check the ground rules and to also check out the camping ground’s layout. Arrive at the campground early – you don’t want to bother campers by the sound of you setting up a tent at night.

5. Put some thought into your meals

Campers do not always put a lot of thought into planning their meals. Do the math on how many meals you need to prepare for how many people. Brainstorm some menu ideas. We all know that part of what makes camping wonderful is the food. Do your grocery shopping one day or two before going camping. Also, avoid buying munchies like snacks and chips if you’re on a diet. Camping has this effect on people which makes them want to eat more than usual.

6. Back your camper before you arrive

Make it easy for you and for your family to get out of the camping site by backing your camper before you enter the campsite. You’d be surprised at how terrible some people are at backing up their trailer at the campsite.

7. Bring an extra set of clothes

Most people make the mistake of not bringing an extra set of clothes during camping. Bring clothes that are appropriate for the weather – bring a jacket. If the camping ground has a lake, bring a swimsuit.

As you can see from above, there are so many things to think about when it comes to camping and making your experience a wonderful and memorable one.

If you want your camping experience to be even more comfortable, you might want to consider renting a trailer truck. Camping grounds tend to have their toilets some distance away from the actual campsite. With a trailer truck, you can have all the privacy you want and use the toilet all you want.