Use A Hiking Checklist To Ensure You’re Prepared

??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????When you’re about to set out on a hiking adventure, you definitely want to make sure you have everything you need. This ensures your safety as well as you and your group having an enjoyable hiking experience.

Whether you’re planning a long hike amid unfamiliar rugged terrain or backpacking through a local forest, you must make sure you’ve got all your gear and accessories. Use a hiking checklist to ensure that you’re prepared and have everything you need.

The very first thing you want to have is a first-aid kit. How many people are in your group? How long will you be gone? Take these two questions into account as you determine how much of each item to pack in your kit and now large the kit should be. As well, consider placing smaller kits on each individual so that everyone has access. In case people are apart from each other when something occurs, they should be able to get to the supplies quickly.

Think about everything you need in this first-aid and safety kit. Pack band-aids, gauze, topical ointment, alcohol pads and everything that is involved in a standard kit. You can purchase these directly or make them from buying various supplies and choosing a proper container.

While a first-aid kit is a safety kit, you’re also going to want to think about “safety” in general. Items that should be on your checklist include rope, a flashlight, batteries, radio, compass, water bottle, and more. Do you have access to a water source? Depending on how long you’re out and your water source access, you must also pack the water you need for you and everyone else.

Always pack a lighter and matches so that you can have fire to work with in case of cold temperatures. The weather will have much to do with what other safety items are on your checklist. Of course you’re going to pack any other clothing items and accessories you might need. If the sun is out in full force, pack some sunscreen. If it’s going to be cold at night while you’re still hiking, pack that winter coat and insulated underclothes.

Of course you’re going to want to pack healthy and light snacks as well as meals if you’re going to be out for a long time. Older people or people that want extra stability might want to bring a walking cane for extra traction. Speaking of traction, you need a good pair of hiking boots that have steel toes.

If you need any eating or cooking utensils, you definitely want to bring them along. Do you have an extra cell phone battery or a battery powered charging device? As you can see, going hiking requires quite a bit of planning and packing. Nothing to stress about, and of course as you get used to your excursions, you’ll be able to get everything together more quickly.

What you pack depends greatly on what you have planned. Is this just an afternoon hike or a hiking/camping excursion? You might need camping fuel, a tent, pocket knife, bear spray and more. Be sure to pack pillows and blankets if this is a camping trip as well. Obviously, you can only carry so much on you, so you are going to be a little more limited if you’re hiking to a camping spot than if you were driving. Perhaps you can set up camp and then go hiking. This would be more ideal so that you can make sure you have brought all the necessary supplies. You never want to be without an essential when camping or hiking.