Tips On Finding The Best Camping Knife

Knife collage isolated on a white background depicting a variety of sheath knives.Every year people choose to spend their vacation days under the stars, enjoying the beauty of our planet. Many experienced campers and survivalists know exactly what they need to bring on any given camping trip. Many of these campers will even have a bug out bag prepared to go into the woods at a moments notice. For the less experienced campers, trying to figure out what you need for a camping trip can be an ordeal. If I had to leave on a moments notice, I would be sure to bring a tent, matches, and the best camping knife I had on hand.

In my earnest opinion, a knife is your most essential tool on a camping trip. Doesn’t matter if you are going to a local family campground or across the country to a stunning national park…you need a good knife. While this can be a rather daunting task, we are going to choose the most important elements of a good camping knife.


The size of your knife is going to be one of the most important elements of your decision process. How big of a knife is dependent on what activities you will be doing around the camp site. You will also want a knife that is going to fit comfortably into your hand. Not only is this important for comfort levels, but it is imperative for safety. If the knife is too large for your hand, you are going to have issues getting a good grip on it. The best way to decide on a general size is to visit the camping and hunting sections of your local retail shop. Try out the various knives on display and make a mental note of what length feels good in your hand.


Just as knives come in all lengths, the handles come in a variety of materials. If you tend to be on the rough side when it comes to your equipment, you might appreciate the strength and versatility of Zytel handles. However, many fisherman will sing the praises of a good old fashioned wood handle for an easy grip with wet hands. Just the same an avid backpacker generally prefers the lightweight material of an aluminium or titanium handle. The handle material you choose is going to be your personal preference and dictated by the activities you perform on a typical camping trip.

The Blade

Surely, the most important past of your outdoor knife. There is a plethora of blade materials available on the market including various types of steel and alloy. There are just as many styles of blades as there are materials. If you plan on making camping part of your lifestyle you will want to invest in a good solid knife. You will want a knife that is going to be easy to sharpen and resists rust. For many of you just starting to enjoy the great outdoors, a inexpensive knife will do. I would suggest a typical pocket knife with multiple blades. With various sizes and shapes they are an essential tool on the camping trip.

Our Choice For Best Camping Knife

There are so many variables involved, but if I had to chose one knife for the beginner camera it would be the Case Cutlery 042 Case Medium Stockman Pocket Knife. This is a perfect campsite knife that is going to allow you to really explore the wilderness and get your hands dirty. The pocket knife is 3 5/8 inches when closed and attaches to your pocket with a surgical steel clip. This 2.5 oz. Pocket knife includes clip, spey and sheepfoot blades. This genuine bone handled knife is perfect for the first camping trip or makes a great first knife gift!