The Fun Of Camping In A Tent

Camp in the tentEveryone loves to go on a holiday, and there are many different kinds around. Most people tend to either get in the car, and then drive off somewhere to stay in a hotel, while many others will travel to an airport and fly off somewhere, usually to another country that is warm and sunny. It is these two types of holidaymakers that make up the bulk of those that go on holiday.

One of the most enjoyable holidays that anyone can have though is when they go tent camping. There are literally millions of places around the planet that you can pitch up a tent. With the financial crash of 2008 still affecting people’s lives, it is a major surprise that more people do not take advantage of this cheap form of having a great holiday.

The reasons for people not going camping are wide and various. It certainly is not money, as for less than a hundred dollars, you can buy all that you need, and that includes a tent, stove, flashlight, and sleeping bags. Of course, there is more equipment available, and bigger tents, as well as comfier bedding, but it is not worth spending a lot of money until you have tried camping at the basic level to see whether you like it or not. Once you know that it is an enjoyable activity, you can then go ahead and spend a bit more money on higher quality equipment, and a bigger tent.

So what are the benefits of camping? The first one was mentioned earlier, it is cheap. One of the other major advantages is that it takes little planning. If you are looking to have two weeks in a hotel in the West Indies, then you need to find a flight, and book a hotel, so both of these must be available at the same time, and these types of holidays are booked in advance. When it comes to camping, you can wake up on a Saturday and see that the weather is fantastic, throw the camping gear in the back of the car, and drive off to somewhere nice. With camping, you are not limited to the usual tourist traps, you can drive into the wilderness, and put the tent up miles from civilization.

There are of course other benefits to camping, and the fresh air is one of them, especially for people who live in a city. Those who live in large urban areas are constantly breathing in fumes from cars, even in their own home. Out in the wilds the air is as pure as you can get it on this planet of ours. Another bonus is that you cannot get any closer to nature than when you are camping. You get to interact with nature at its basic level.

For those that have young children, camping is a really enjoyable and educational experience. There is nothing that children enjoy more than running through long grass, without a care in the world. Yet these days very few kids get to even see the wilderness in real life, let alone sleeping in it. They can learn so much such as the local fauna, along with all of the different types of birds and animals. Although the wilderness is full of creepy crawlies, these are very good for educational purposes as well. Children need to be taught how to enjoy nature, and that way they will grow up to respect it, and hopefully protect it.

Sleeping out in a tent is an experience in itself, and if for any reason you are not sure about it, then set the tent up in the garden and sleep in it. This can prepare you for going out into the wilds, and you will learn what you need to ensure a comfortable sleep.

Camping is not for everyone, however, but most people that try it, enjoy it, and would go camping again. So if you are a person that has never been camping, maybe it is time to take that step and give it a go. For the price of a week’s holiday in the West Indies, you could spend every other weekend camping for the same cost.