The Best Places to Get Camping Info

Camping is a fun and satisfying hobby that allows you to explore the great outdoors, get closer to nature, get some exercise and have fun without spending a fortune. It can be as luxurious or as simple as you wish. Depending on your budget and your preferences you can stay on full-service camp sites with electricity and toilet facilities available, or stay out in the wilderness and live a close-to-nature lifestyle.

At the start, camping can be intimidating at first, but the good news is that there is plenty of information about it available to help beginners get started. You can find information about it on a range of forums, as well as from the camp sites that host travelers.

Different Websites

One of the best places to get information about how to camp is the British website This website is aimed at UK based holidaymakers, but a lot of the data that it provides will be of value to campers from the USA and Europe too. The site offers advice about environmentally conscious camping, how to pitch a tent correctly in the forest, how to keep your dog safe if you go camping with it, and even what sort of things to pack to make your camping trip feel a little more luxurious.

Another good place to get camping info is This website is focused on international camping, and includes a huge amount of survival information, including how to cope with dehydration, how to cook on a campfire, and how to tie knots. If you are interested in camping in the wilderness and want to learn how to be truly self sufficient, then this is a good place to look.

The website of the Kathmandu camping equipment brand is another great place to look for tips and ideas. Kathmandu sells tents, sleeping gear, footwear and other accessories for setting up a camp, but that does not detract from the quality of the advice that they offer on their website. You can take or leave their product recommendations, but you will benefit greatly from the other tips that they offer, which include things like how to dry wet socks, how to start a fire when the weather is bed, and how to keep your tent clean and tidy.

If you have never been camping before, it’s a good idea to make your first trip one to a full-service camp site. This will ensure that you have a “plan B” if things go wrong. Pack as if you are going to live in the wilderness, and resolve not to make use of the electrical plugs, running water or bath and shower facilities. If you find that you forgot to pack something, or you can’t quite figure out how to perform a common survival task, then you can take advantage of the facilities that are available to you. If everything goes smoothly then you know that you will be able to survive a little further away from home.

Camping Forums

Another good option is to visit a forum that deals with how to camp. Try and make friends with people who are from the same area as you, or stay at communal camp grounds where you can make new friends. There are many communities, including and, that are aimed at people who enjoy the great outdoors. You will pick up a huge number of tips from the most active campers and caravan lovers on these forums.

Some Final Tips

Make your first camping trip a short one, and pack carefully. Try to make your first trip during the summer when the weather is good, and tell people where you are going and when you expect to get back. Save the adventurous camping trips until you have more survival experience. If you have young children, visit a camping facility that is child-friendly, and keep the first few trips fairly short until you learn what sort of tolerance your kids have for being away from home. A camping holiday is supposed to be a fun time for everyone involved, and you cannot have fun if you are cold, wet or hungry! As your confidence grows, you will be able to take longer trips to more remote places.