The Benefits of Beach Camping

One thing that many people enjoy these days is camping and for the lucky few that go beach camping this means sleeping out in the fresh sea air. One major bonus with beach camping is that it is free and there are many locations to pick from. Although camping is cheap and gets a person out into the wild to bond with nature, the people who do it are in a minority compared with those who stay in hotels. For people that have never considered camping, it is something worth looking at for a holiday, especially for those that have children.

Summer piggy bank with sunglasses on the beachA tent can be picked up for less than a hundred dollars and it will last for years. You will also need bedding and this is inexpensive,as well. There is no need to spend a lot of money on sleeping bags and floor padding. That is all that is required for the very basics. For those who want a bit more, flashlights and cooking implements can be purchased, but it is far more fun when camping to sit around an open fire and using that fire for cooking.

Of course, if young children will be present on the camping trip, then safety must come first, and an open fire may not be the best option. In those circumstances, it is probably wise to place cooking implements on a table out of the way of the children, who are likely to be running around and having fun. If you do have an open fire, never leave it unattended, and always extinguish it before going to bed, or leaving the area. A lot of brush and forest fires are caused by campers not extinguishing their fires properly.

One of the best aspects of camping is cooking. If you are just opening up a few cans and then, heating them up in a pan, then this is not being totally natural and working with the environment. Camping on the beach means that there is a food source in the water and a cheap fishing rod can be used to catch some fresh fish to eat. A small net used in the shallows can catch such things as prawns and crabs can be found looking under the rocks. These are all easy to cook. Prawns and crabs should be boiled, while fish can be wrapped in leaves and put on an open fire.

A lot of people are worried about the wilderness mainly because they do not understand it. Setting up a tent on the beach, well above the high tide line is perfectly safe. Although some areas may have wild animals, they are rarely a problem as they stay clear of humans. As for the creepy crawlies, you would be surprised to learn that there are more in your home than on a beach. So if camping on a beach is not something that you have considered, you may wish to look at it. This is a cheap and enjoyable way to have some refreshing, relaxing time.