Prepare A Camping Checklist

Everyone enjoys going on a camping trip. There is nothing quite like spending a week or two enjoying the great outdoors at its best. However, before you decide to go camping you should always prepare yourself by making a camping checklist. When you do up a camping checklist for your camping vacation it will help you to avoid any frustrations that may be caused when you remember something that you forgot to bring.

listA checklist should be broken up into various categories. Some of the categories could be: items around the camp, footwear and clothing, things for the kitchen, food and drink, personal items, miscellaneous items, and things to bring for fun. Of course, you can make up your own categories but the most important thing is to make a camping checklist.

Many people consider sleeping in a motor home or a custom trailer as camping. This however is not a traditional camping environment. Camping involves going into a wilderness location and sleeping in tents. Therefore, the most important thing that you will need to bring is your temporary home, the tent.

Along with your tent you must bring your sleeping bags and sleeping pads. Some people prefer to sleep on an air mattress which is fine but do not forget to bring along an air mattress repair kit and a pump. If you need a pillow to sleep on, it should be on your checklist.

If you are averse to sleeping on the ground then you will need to include folding cots. You should also bring along a folding table and folding chairs. You will need a mallet or a hammer to drive in the tent stakes and it is always good to bring along a lantern or a flashlight. If you are going to catch your morning breakfast, you should include your fishing poles and tackle box.

Depending on where you go camping, it is always advisable to bring along proper clothing and footwear. The nights can get pretty chilly in the wilderness and you must have warm clothing. If you are in an area where there are a lot of mosquitoes make sure that you include long-sleeved shirts. Always bring along your swim trunks for a quick dip in the lake as it may be the only means of washing yourself.

Most people that go camping like to hike. If this is true with you then you should include a proper set of hiking boots that are suited for the terrain. Always bring along a hat which will help shield the sun. Plus include some rain gear. It will be a good idea to take a clothesline with some clothes pins so that you can dry your clothes.

These are just some of the basic things that you may want to include on your camping checklist. We have not even discussed important items such as food and items for the kitchen. The bottom line is that an experience camper never leaves his home for a camping vacation without first going over his camping checklist.