Orienteering Activity Ideas For A Fun Camping Experience

hikerMany people are not familiar with the phrase “orienteering activities” until they realize it’s referring to camping activities for groups requiring a compass or map for navigation. Obviously, when camping in the woods or out in unfamiliar terrain, you’re going to want to have these tools on you so that your experience goes smoothly and no one gets lost. There are also some great orienteering activity ideas you can incorporate into your camping trip for some great fun. The following activities can be for families, boy and girl scout troops, summer camps and other camping experiences.

Hiking is great exercise and a great learning experience for all involved. Selecting a great hiking spot can open up all kinds of experiences in nature. You might see wildlife along the way, different trees, bushes, and more. Hiking is indeed very motivating and invigorating. Not only that, but it’s a bonding experience among campers, and helping them with navigation gives them a sense of accomplishment at the end of your trek. Whether you’re teaching your kids or a group of campers, it’s going to be quite a lot of fun. Indeed, the unknown is exciting, and you can really play up a hiking experience, whether you pick a very local and regular path or really get a little different with your terrain choice. There are also many different activities you can schedule while you’re hiking.

Treasure Hunt

treasure mapYou start with a map as you think about how excited the kids are going to be searching for treasure. Again, you can do this with any group of campers, whether it be your family or a group organization. The map doesn’t need to be extremely complicated, and the treasure doesn’t have to be a pot of gold. What you’re going to do is draw up a map that looks cool and does at least simply resemble the area in which you will be camping. You’re going to bury the treasure, mark it well, and you’re going to use a compass for navigation, having determined specific points beforehand. While not complicated, you definitely need a bearing on what you’re doing before you put the treasure hunting on the kids. Of course, that is necessary in order to teach them properly anyway.

You can develop certain checkpoints, and you can tweak this experience however you like. You can also break them up into teams in competition with one another, or you can instead have everyone working together as one team, it’s up to you.

Clue Game

This activity is sort of like the treasure hunt, but instead you’re going to leave clues along the way. These clues point to the next clue, and you can intertwine the navigational skills. Figuring out the clues should be like a riddle. It’s best that you have the whole group work as a team when they are going to play this game.

The Clue Game can lead to a treasure, prize or some specific planned event. Perhaps you are leading them to where you’re going to camp that night, and you have a surprise waiting for them. Maybe you’re leading them to the best fishing spot where you then move into a fishing experience for the day. Either way, you’re going to see the kids excited when playing this game, as they like figuring out mental puzzles like this and competing with one another. At the same time, you’re teaching them navigation and teamwork.

Vector compass. Height quality illustration. Old style.Orienteering activities are great for all types of camping situations. Navigation, even in the age of GPS and all types of other equipment is important. The advantage of GPS can actually be a detriment to a growing person’s sense of direction. You want the kids to have navigational skills in this world, and you also want them to enjoy nature and have the necessary skills to find their way when in that position. Orienteering activities like the ones mentioned can help them achieve this. They are sure to have a great time, and you will have a fun time with the planning. A treasure hunt? Wouldn’t you like to enjoy that as well? Sounds like a plan, so you better get started.