Make Wintertime RV Camping A Breeze

If you have a recreational vehicle or camper, you might think you need to put it in cold storage for winter; however, this doesn’t have to be the case. If you take a break from camping in the winter time, you will miss a lot! There are a lot of off season bargains, excellent destinations and great adventures to be had with your camper in the winter time. It just takes good planning. Read on to learn how.

rv camping in the winterCamping in the winter allows you to take a break from your home climate. If you live in a cold place, it’s only natural to join the snowbirds and head for warmer climes in the winter time. Many people enjoy camping at Fort Walton Beach or Key West in Florida during the winter. With year round water sports and white sandy beaches, it is a lovely choice indeed. Georgia is another possibility. This friendly, hospitable city is fairly warm year round and offers a lot of enjoyable in-town type activities and destinations. You can also visit Jekyll Island if you want to get out of town and get a breath of fresh air.

The southwest is also an excellent direction to head in the winter time. New Mexico offers temperatures in the seventies and the opportunity to drive into the mountains for snow sports such as skiing. Travel through stunning Arizona to enjoy stark, desert-scape, Native American culture and temperatures in the eighties. Further west is another popular destination for wintertime campers – Rancho Mirage, California. This area offers beautiful views and a pleasant getaway.

What if I hate hot weather?

Of course, there is fun to be had in cold weather winter camping; however, if you plan to camp in the snow, you’ll need to make some good plans. Your top priorities should be making sure you have ample water, reliable power and a good source of heat. Here are a few tips to keep you comfy and warm when camping in winter.


Be sure to have plenty of fresh water. You will need it to flush your toilet, take your baths and, of course, to drink. If you are just taking a day or weekend trip, you can get by with a few gallons of water in containers and use public showers, travel plazas and RV parks.

If you plan to camp in one spot for quite a while and you expect freezing temperatures, you might want to drain your reservoirs and fill them with antifreeze to prevent damage. Hook up your camper to public water sources.
If you are going to be moving around a lot in very cold weather, you will want to be sure your pipes and hoses are properly winterized.

Power And Heat

You will most likely use electricity or propane for heat and power. Have a look at your generator to see if there is a specific setting for winter. Using this setting will help balance fluctuations of the furnace cycle.
Remember that propane is expensive, so you should avoid using it as your main source of heat and power. You can add some solar panels to the roof of your camper to get power during the day. It’s smart to camp in a park where you can hook up to on the grid power.

Just as with your house, your camper will use less energy in the winter if it is well insulated. If you plan on wintertime camping, this is something you should take care of in advance. One thing you can do is apply shrink film to the windows. This will reduce drafts. You can also use this film to block your roof vents so that heat won’t escape. See your local RV supplier for more ideas and service to prepare your camper for winter camping.
Be safe!

Wintertime camping can be lots of fun and adventure. When you plan a smart route to a warmer clime and/or make good preparations for cold weather camping, you can pull it off without a hitch. In addition to preparing your camper, be sure to prepare yourself by having proper tools on hand. These may include:

* Wooden wheel blocks to avoid becoming stuck in mud or slush.
* A shovel and other hand tools that might be necessary to deal with ice and snow.
* An ice scraper and a hair dryer to deal with frozen windows and windshields.

With a little planning and preparation, you can have a great time camping in your RV this winter. Follow the tips presented here to have fun, stay warm and be safe.