Low Cost Camping

If you love to camp, there are many ways to camp on a budget. Many people think that they have to travel hundreds of miles to camp, or that they will need to buy tons of expensive equipment. This is not the case. In this article, we will look at how anyone can camp for cheap.

If you are nearby a beach area, you may be surprised that there are plenty of places to beach camp. All you need to do is to make a reservation at the beach camping site. Sometimes there is a year waiting list, so make sure to reserve as soon as possible. Be prepared to pay a small reservation fee for each night.

If you are an RV owner, there are many RV camps where you can camp at a very low price. These RV camps usually have room, but just make sure to call ahead to reserve a spot.

For adventure camping types, many National Parks and National Forests offer camping options. Some of the most famous National Parks are Yosemite in California, and Yellowstone in Montana. At each park there is usually a permit fee, and you will need to pay a fee to make campground reservations. The bigger the car, the more expensive the permit will be, so RVs will have to pay higher fees.

Other cheap camping options for national campground sites are KOA campgrounds. To be a an annual member costs 24 dollars per year. In addition to the annual fee, you must pay a fee for each individual KOA site, as they are individually owned. The fee per night is still much less than even a cheap hotel, and RVs will pay more.

In addition to finding places to camp for cheap, it is also important to find the right campground equipment at a low price. One tip is to only buy campground equipment that you need. If you are camping in a tent, you will need a tent, sleeping bags, a lamp or flashlight, and some warm clothing for camping in the cold.

Camping in bigger groups can help save money. If you have friends that also enjoy camping, invite them! This will enable you to buy dehydrated camp food in bulk, save money on gas, and some sites will have discounts for reserving a camp site with multiple tents.

If you don’t camp all that often, you can save money by renting camping gear instead of buying it. Many outdoor shops like REI will gladly rent out campground gear, or will at least refer you to another store that rents.

There are many great ways to save money on your camping gear. If you don’t need brand new camp gear, there are always deals to be had on Craigslist and Ebay. Garage sales can also provide camping gear at extremely low prices.

If you prefer to buy new equipment, head over to some of the discount camp equipment sites. REI Outlet and sites like Campmor, can save you lots of cash compared to paying full retail.

For saving money on warm clothes for your camping trips, Goodwill provides plenty of great deals. Goodwill only takes in used clothes in quality condition, so this is a great way to save for cheap. They also may have camping equipment for cheap like cookware, plates, or coffee cups.

Preparing for your camping trip will also help save money. If you plan out all your meals, and buy them before you are camping, it will save you from making those expensive purchases at the general store. Cheap food like Top Ramen, spaghetti, canned beans, trail mix, and granola can fill you up without breaking the bank.

As you can see there are many cheap camping options for the budget conscious camper. The key is to prepare your trip as much as possible, and only to buy the necessities. Traveling in groups to campgrounds within 100 miles, will lower your gas cost, and will help split the food costs.

When buying equipment either buy semi used equipment, or purchase your equipment from discount camping sites. Paying full price will make camping very expensive. Since you are going to be out in nature, it makes sense to live as simply as possible.