Great Car Games To Have Fun While Road Tripping

family funAre you looking forward to an upcoming family road trip but dreading the “are we there yet” questions from the backseat? Fortunately, there are fun car games for kids that will keep everyone in the car entertained for hours. Before you know it, you will have arrived at your destination and wondered where the time went. Here are a few game suggestions for you.

1. License Plate Game – This was my favorite car game when I was a kid. The goal is to spot a car with a license plate from each of the 50 states. Keep track of any Canadian provinces as well. You can simply write out all of the 50 states on a sheet of paper and your child can check off each state as they spot the license plate. Another option is to buy a license plate game which furnishes the states for you. Some of the games are even in map form, so your kids can learn geography as well.

2. 20 Questions – This is a great game for kids and adults of all ages. One player thinks of a place, person or thing. Then all of the other players take turns asking questions that have a yes or no answer. After a player asks a question they get a chance to guess the answer. The game continues until someone guesses correctly.

3. Theme Song Game – This is another fun and easy game to play. One player hums the tune from one of their favorite TV shows. The first person to name the television show gets to hum the next tune.

4. Road Trip Bingo – This is a very fun games that combines a scavenger hunt with bingo. Each kid places a flat surface on their lap, such as a book or clipboard. They are also provided with a bingo card and chips or pennies. When players see an item that is on their bingo card, they cover up the picture with their chip or penny. The first player who covers all their square in a straight or diagonal line is the winner.

5. Animal Name Game – A player provides the name of an animal. The next player needs to name a new animal whose name starts with the final letter in the name of the previous animal. For example, if the first animal was horse, the next animal could be elephant because it starts with an e. You can also play the same game with other categories such as names of cities.

6. Map Game – One player finds a town, river or other place on a map. They announce their place and then the next person has to find the place on the map within 60 seconds or some other time limit that you choose.

7. Restaurant Game – Every player choose their favorite fast food restaurant or restaurant chain such as McDonalds, Taco Bell, Dennys, etc. Players look for their restaurants either off the road or on exit markets or billboards. The first person to find their restaurant wins.

These fun car games for kids can keep everyone in the car entertained for hours. Before you know it, you will be at your final destination and ready for even more fun. Of course, there are many other games you can play in the car as well. There are also magnetic game sets available so that you can play some of your favorite board games such as checkers or chess without losing the game pieces. So next time one of the kids asks “are we there yet,” break out a car game for everyone to play.