Essential Camping Gear

An emergency could happen at any time in our lives. Emergencies will not come warning us in advance about their arrival. It can happen when we are not ready for such thing in any way. They can happen in good times and bad times. There is no specific time as such for an emergency to occur. Camping gear packed in advance can save your life in the most desperate situation. Survival gear is a must for people who are planning camping trips during the summer.

Our camp spot at Plawangan 1. The NorthFace tent was just big enough for 2 adults and three kids. The guide and the two porters slept in the makeshift tent next to the fireplace.The most essential piece of camping gear is a map. We should have a map of the camp-ground where we plan to settle down. The map should cover the mountains that we plan to hike and other areas that are included in our camping trip. A compass and a GPS receiver are the other important survival gear for a camper. A flashlight is mandatory for any camping trip. The darkness may cause injuries and threats from crawling animals such as snakes. A flashlight will help you to stay safe from such threats.

Emergency food rations are also considered needed in situations where you may get lost in the thick jungle. A chocolate bar can be a sort of things you will need in an emergency situation as it gives us instant energy to run towards our rescue. First aid kits are mandatory part of any camping gear. First aid gears that are compact but include the essential items such as bandages, antiseptic salves, creams and methods of treating wounds or cuts. A multi purpose tool that can help to open tins and build an all important fire is essential and should be included in any situation.

Waterproof matches are important to light a fire and should be added to any survival kit. Do not forget to include the most essential item in any outing, which is none other than water. Without water you will not survive even if you have all the other essential items in your camp list. You may come across a stream or river in the jungle, but why do you want to take a chance with such an important survival item as water. Don’t forget to include enough water in your pack, which would no doubt complete your items.

The above mentioned are the most basic survival gear items for anyone planning to go on a camping trip this summer.