Clubs For Families With Caravans

If you enjoy camping and would like to spend more time exploring the countryside, seeing new places, and making new friends, then joining a camping club is a good way to indulge your hobby. There are clubs all over the world devoted to enjoying the great outdoors, and the clubs offer a lot of benefits, both practical and social, to their members.

The Benefits of Joining a Camping Club

Camping trailerOne of the biggest benefits of joining a camping and caravanning club is access to camp sites that you might not otherwise get to explore. For example, the primary club of this type in the UK charges a nominal annual fee, and offers access to 110 award winning sites that are family friendly and ideal for campers and caravan lovers of all kinds of experience. Similar clubs in the USA offer access to a huge number of sites in different states.

Access to camp sites is not the only benefit that club members enjoy. The clubs may also offer breakdown and recovery insurance plan discounts, free technical and or legal advice, and a monthly magazine full of tips and information to make your camping or caravan trips more enjoyable.

You do not have to be a resident of a particular country to join the camping club in that country. If there is somewhere that you love to visit, and tend to spend several weeks in each year, then it could be a good idea to join. The more time you spend in a given area, the better the savings.

Other Reasons to Join

While most camping and clubs are aimed at families that like to take outdoors focused holidays, there are some benefits for people that like more primitive camping too, including pitch discounts at primitive camp sites, and lots of information to help you survive in the wilderness.

Even if you don’t like the kind of camp sites that are covered by the club membership, most clubs have huge social networks, as well as lists of non-member affiliated camp sites. So, if you’re looking for somewhere off the beaten track to go camping, what better way to learn about the sites than to find out about them from fellow avid campers who can give accurate reviews.

Joining a camping club is an inexpensive way to enhance your hobby. The annual membership fee for most clubs is less than the price of a single night in a typical hotel room, and for that fee you get to meet new people and enjoy a lot of perks. If you are an experienced camper you will love learning about new camp sites and events, and if you are new to this hobby then you will find the information, technical advice and cost savings will be a huge benefit to you at this stage in your career. There is no better way to get started in the world of caravan or camping holidays.