Lightweight Backpacking Ideas For Day Trips

Taking a vacation and deciding to go backpacking can be very rewarding. Not only do you get off of the beaten path, but you also are going to see nature in a totally different way than what you did before. The problem is you may not want to take an entire backpacking trip because you […]

Backpacking Advice For The Adventurer

The backpacking equipment that you decide to purchase for your camping trip will play an integral role in both; your comfort and safety. Looking through the different backpacking equipment options can be extremely overwhelming. The reason why looking at the different options can be overwhelming is because there are literally endless amounts of products on […]

What To Bring With You When Backpacking

Going backpacking is usually a very fun experience. However, forgetting even one or two necessities could turn an otherwise fun time into a bad one. Here, you will be given some ideas of what to bring with you when you go backpacking, and what to add to your backpacking checklist. First, we will begin with […]