Basics You Will Need For Your Next Summer Camping Trip

Camping can be a lot of fun for the entire family! The young and the young at heart can truly enjoy the outdoors and finally put down those pesky electronics for a few days of peace and quiet. However, we all know that the success of a good camping trip ultimately depends on knowing where you will be staying and your ability to pack properly. Below, you will find some quick tips to ensure your next camping trip is one that you will never forget!

Step 1: Pack The Right Clothing

The first thing you will need to know is where you’ll be camping. Depending on how warm it is outside and how cool it can be at night, you will need to pack the appropriate clothing for your location.

Starting with shoes, make sure you pack at least two pairs of shoes. One of your shoes should be appropriate for walking around your campsite and your other shoes should be proper hiking shoes. It is best to wear enclosed shoes, unless you’re camping in an area where flip flops are appropriate.

Depending on how many days you will be spending outdoors, make sure you pack the appropriate amounts of each article of clothing. You should be able to wear fresh underwear, socks and a new top each day; items such as pants and sweaters only need to be changed every two days or so.

Step 2: Packing The Right Bedding

At the very least you will need a lightweight sleeping bag for your trip. If it gets cold at night, consider packing an extra blanket just in case. Don’t forget to take a comfortable pillow as well. If you’ll be staying in a tent, a blow-up mattress should also be included in the items you’ll be taking.

Step 3: Packing Toiletries

When packing your essential toiletries, make sure you are only taking travel sized products with you. You can either choose to buy travel sized versions of each product you currently use, or buy small containers you can deposit some of your products into.

For your camping trip you will need:

-at least 15 SPF sunscreen






-soap or shower gel

-body lotion

-first aid kit

-insect repellent

-lip balm

-hand sanitizer

Step 4: Extra Necessities

Each camping trip is different and so are the people going. Think about any other necessities you may need. For example, if you take any electronics, make sure you have something you can charge it with. You can also pack things like batteries, flashlights, a small radio, books and even a camera.

Step 5: Packing It All In

You really have two options as to what to pack your things into. If you won’t be doing any real rough outdoorsy type things, you can pack everything into a duffel bag. However, if you will be doing some moving around and hiking, it is important to have the right backpack. An ideal hiking backpack will have the right frame to ensure your back and shoulders won’t strain, and it also leaves space to hold all of your belongings, including a tent if necessary.

It is important that you pack everything appropriately. The outdoors can be pretty unpredictable, so there is always the chance that you will need to take extra care to ensure none of your belongings get wet. It is advisable that you pack everything in plastic baggies before putting them away. If you don’t want to do that right away, pack some extra trash bags to take with you and if the need arises, you can put your stuff inside of them when necessary.

When packing your clothes, you can save a lot of space by rolling them up instead of folding and stacking them. It is also helpful if you pack your things by order of importance. For example, your blow up mattress may not necessarily be the most important thing you will reach for, so you can pack it on the bottom of your duffel bag or backpack.

You can have a spectacular time camping when you take the time to pack the right items. Always make a list first and then search your home or purchase the items that you will need to take with you.