A Beginners Guide to the World of Camping

waterproof tentWhen shopping for camping supplies, beginners may feel a bit overwhelmed and confused with the various choices on offer. There is however some essential items that any camper should never leave home without.

1. Waterproof Tent

The tent is probably the most important item on a camping trip. The tent must be waterproof and good quality. Other considerations must include the amount of people using the tent and the ease of setup and easily storing the tent. Finding a tent that allows for enough room for standing up in holds benefits in changing clothes and moving around with ease.

2. Lighting

Lighting is an essential part of the “world of camping”. Campfires may illuminate the outside areas, but campers should consider the light that will be needed inside their tents. Battery operated lighting appliances are the safest options to choose for adequate lighting and safety while camping.

3. Spades or Shovels

Packing a spade or shovel will benefit campers in digging holes, clearing campsites and even knocking tent pegs into the ground.

4.First Aid or Emergency Kits

These kits must be well stocked and include items such as band aids, disinfectants, bandages and insect repellents. When camping in areas that have snakes around it may be a good idea to pack pressure immobilization bandages. Other important items will include painkillers, burn lotions and antihistamines.

5. Bedding

Campers are advised to invest in the best quality bedding for camping expeditions. Options such as mattresses that self inflate and strong, durable and waterproof materials are ideal for camping in the outdoors.

6. Good Quality Fridge or Esky

Food items that require refrigeration must be kept cold enough to avoid campers getting sick. An esky must have excellent insulation. Ice will only last for one day and it may be wise to pack in ice that has been frozen in large containers.

7. Reliable Cooking Devices

Depending on the camping location it is always best to include a reliable cooking device. Good choices will include a two burner camp stove. Some camping locations will not allow the use of campfires and in these situations a cooking device will be vital. The device should be versatile, easy to set up and to use as well as offering a sturdy and safe method in cooking.

8. Folding Table

Having a table on a camping trip has become a much needed necessity for comfort and an easy way to enjoy a camping trip. The table should be light weight and easy to store and transport. Folding tables are useful for meal preparations, holding camping equipment and a way to store items away from the ground at night time.

9. Tub for Washing Up

This is an essential item that should be on every campers list. Every meal prepared will need items such as plates, cups and eating utensils to be cleaned and packed away. The wash tub can be used to store away additional items and holds great benefits in keeping the campsite a safe and clean environment.

In addition the wash tub can be used as a way to bathe campers who do not have access to toilet and bathroom facilities. The tub can even hold water to put out the campfire at night and a way to store water or food items safely.

Other important items in the “world of camping” would be appropriate choices in clothing and extra dry food items in the event that food becomes spoiled or rotten. Extra blankets and bedding are important when camping in the cold winter months in snow and rain to ensure a safe and enjoyable camping experience.