Items You’ll Need On A Camping Vacation

suppliesOnce you have decided to go on a family camping trip, it’s always a good idea to know what to bring. You have probably seen commercials of families going on camping vacations, setting up tents, and having an exceptionally good time. However, you probably have no idea what to bring with you, if you have never gone camping before, in order to make your camping trip a success.

There are certain items that must be brought to ensure the safety of everyone involved, as well as provide each individual with what they will need in order to stay safe and have the most fun. This article will show you exactly what to bring on your camping trip to make it a success for you and your family.

What To Bring Camping – A Basic Overview

The first items that you will want to put on your list have to do with making sure that you get to the camping site safely. This begins with knowing exactly where you are going to be camping. Without proper directions, it could ruin your camping trip before you even get started. Therefore, you should have a map, printed directions, or a portable GPS unit that you can program with the exact location. Next, you will want to pack clothing that is appropriate for the campground that you will be staying at. These items will be based upon the time of the year, the terrain, and the activities that you have planned. Your checklist should also include a first aid kit, toilet paper, bug repellent, bathing suits if appropriate, flashlights and of course food. It’s also a good idea to bring water with you in case the water at your location is not for human consumption.

What To Bring Camping – Additional Items

If you are going to be staying in a fifth wheel, or a cabin, at the camping site, you may not need to bring tents. However, to truly experience how it feels to camp in the wilderness, this might be a good item to bring, at the very least, as a backup. You should also have backpacks that are capable of holding food, water, and enough supplies in case you get lost in the wilderness. A first aid kit should also be part of what you pack into backpacks when going on long hikes. You should also bring along appropriate clothing, which may include heavy coats if it is going to be cold, rain jackets for inclement weather, and the proper shoes to wear for rigorous hikes. Other items will include sleeping bags, matches, cups, cooking utensils, a cattle, trash bags, batteries, a couple flashlights, fishing poles, and the proper fishing gear to catch the big one. All of this, combined with the aforementioned basic camping gear, should prepare you for changes in the weather.

What To Bring Camping – Final Checklist

Once you have created this list, which will also include at least a weeks worth of food that you will cook during the trip, you will be able to check off the items that you pack into your vehicle just to make sure you have everything you will need. If you are bringing the children, it’s good to bring games that they can play to keep them preoccupied, especially if the weather gets bad. However, in most cases, you should plan a camping vacation when the weather is warm, to ensure that everyone has a great time. Hopefully this brief overview of what you need to bring on a camping trip will make it easier for you to get all of the necessary supplies ready to go in advance so that you can have a successful and memorable camping trip with your family this year.